Glodina has a world-class textile production facility located in Durban, South Africa.
It is well-positioned, and close to national roadways, as well as the country’s largest harbour port.

The design team successfully combines customer insights, strategic thinking, technical knowledge, passion for design and a deep understanding of the brand to keep abreast of current trends. With the support of skilled embroidery digitisers, Glodina is a leader in towel fashion amongst its peers, producing approximately 750 completed design options per month.


Glodina has state-of-the-art manufacturing machines throughout its factory. These include Karl Mayer high-speed warping and sizing machines, a Schlafhorts 338 Winder, a SSM Cone Winder and a Xorella Yarn Steamer.


Consisting of Vamatex machines, Sulzer dobby and jacquard looms, the weaving department has a production capacity of 65 tons per week.


The knitting department boasts six Karl Mayer KSB FBZ knitting machines, as well as the latest technology TM 4TS – EL machine, which has enhanced the production capacity for terry cotton towels. This investment will increase weekly production to 20 tons per week.


The processes of yarn and piece-dyeing are fully automated. The dyehouse consists of Thies yarn dyeing, MCS Pandoras and Camel Brazzolis machines. It has a dyeing capacity of 240 tons of yarn and fabric per month. The dyeing vessels are integrated into a technically advanced computer system ensuring proper and safe chemical dispensation during the process.


A technically advanced computerised system dispenses chemical dyes ensuring accuracy of volume, reduced spillages, safer handling and improved stock control. The introduction of a nitrogen blanket system on vats reduces the use of Sodium Hydrosulphite in the dye baths, which further reduce the facility’s chemical discharge into the effluent.


All products are fully inspected prior to product completion in the finishing (CMT) department ensuring consistent quality relevant to all product ranges.


The cut-make-and-trim department consists of Schmale and Garibaldi slitting and side hemming machines, and JUKI sewing machines. The department employs dedicated machinists, producing 200,000 towel units per week.


Glodina’s embroidery function is uniquely advanced with SWF Embroidery machines consisting of 32 heads in total and a specialised SEIT Electronica Laser machine able to cut applique for any design or size. This feature adds extensive opportunities to Glodina’s design capability.

20000 m2
Textile mill
0 tons
Weekly production capacity
Warehouse & logistics capacity for 2 million towels
Permanent employees
A holistic approach to investment and growth positions Glodina as a leading towelling textile manufacturer in South Africa.