A remarkable blend of quality, durability and aesthetics, the Glodina Marathon Range stands as the industry standard in the world of hospitality towelling. Here’s why this exceptional product line deserves your attention and investment.

For over two decades, the Glodina Marathon Range has been revered for its unmatched durability. But the Marathon story is not just one of longevity. A story of constant innovation and improvement, the brand was meticulously redeveloped to offer a luxurious, soft handle and lofty appearance, without any compromise on its superior original attributes.

One of the standout features of the Marathon Range is its quick-drying ability. The redeveloped towels dry up to 30% faster than their traditional counterparts. This makes the towels highly efficient to launder and ready for use promptly, a vital feature in the fast-paced hospitality industry.

Moreover, the towels come with double-stitched hems, reinforcing their durability. This distinctive feature enhances the towel’s lifespan, allowing it to withstand the high usage rates typical in the hospitality industry.

The Marathon Range remains completely snag-proof, an attribute that has been a cornerstone of the product since its inception. This quality ensures that the towels maintain their appearance even with extensive use and laundering, a feature that significantly extends their service life. Additionally, the no-fray side hems add to the product’s durability, ensuring the towels retain their shape and appearance through countless washes and uses. This ability to retain shape over time further testifies to the superior construction of the Marathon Range.

The towels in the Marathon Range are not just durable; they also excel in functionality. With their excellent absorbency, guests are sure to appreciate the comfort and utility they offer. This high absorbency is paired with a pure cotton pile, ensuring the towels offer a supremely soft and comfortable touch.

A critical attribute of the Marathon Range is its ability to withstand more than 200 industrial washes. This superior durability ensures that the towels not only offer excellent value for money but also reduce replacement costs, a significant advantage for the hospitality industry.

Finally, in line with Glodina’s commitment to sustainability, the redevelopment of the Marathon Range has significantly reduced water consumption during washing, contributing to a more environmentally responsible operation.

In summary, the Glodina Marathon Range encapsulates an unrivalled fusion of durability, aesthetics, and functionality. It reflects Glodina’s continued dedication to offering products that not only meet the unique demands of the hospitality industry but exceed them, ensuring guests always experience the utmost comfort and luxury. With the Marathon Range, Glodina redefines the standard of hospitality towelling.